A student who has difficulty learning and has been identified student with special needs is the perfect candidate for an IEP (individualized educational program).

*The Secret IEP Guide contains the most important forms and letters needed to request the who, what, where, when, why, and how questions you have for your child’s teacher and/or administrators. These forms and letters that you can easily fill in include precious samples of all the correspondence you will need from the Request for Assessment to Qualify for Special Education Services to the Request for a Due Process Hearing. These forms and letters are what every parent of a student with special needs requires to tackle the special education world.

The Secret IEP Guide is also a binder with tabs that enables you to organize your student’s file in a chronological order that makes sense and will prepare you for everything from an IEP meeting to laying the groundwork for hiring an advocate or attorney.  *This manual was exclusively made so that you would have all the information you need in order to be successfully prepared for an IEP meeting and know how to navigate the Special Education world, from A-Z. You have a choice of a hard copy or the PDF version.

The PDF version is available for $35.00. You can download it digitally in pdf right now. The hard copy version will be delivered ground mail for $65.00. Shipping is FREE.

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The Secret IEP Guide

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