Faustino Alvarez

Faustino Alvarez was born on April 15, 1961 in Jalisco, MX. He currently resides in Riverside, CA and lives with his wife and two children. He has always shown great effort and passion toward helping our disabled community. Mr.Alvarez is a college graduate from Chaffey College located in Alta Loma, CA. He is currently a Program Director at Community Access Center where he trains advocates and works hand in hand with many important healthcare providers in Molina Healthcare in order to help people in need all over the Inland Empire . Mr. Alvarez has been a Program Director for the past 13 years and his main responsibility is “to empower persons with disabilities to control their own lives, create an accessible community and advocate to achieve complete social, economic, and political integration”. He has received several certificates from many agencies such as the California Disability Rights, Support Services, and from the Community Action Partnership Agency. He was also importantly recognized when he received a certificate given by the former governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

 During his spare time he likes to watch all sorts of sports on television. He used to be part of several sport teams back in school but due to medical conditions he cannot play anymore.