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Jocelyn Francisco, Ph.D.
Sep 13, 2012 Psychologist

As a licensed clinical psychologist, I specialize in understanding the nature and impact of...

Bundiebaby ( medically fragile Clothing) Jody W.
Sep 13, 2012 Special Needs Products

I had been a foster parent for medically fragile infants for over nine years. In that time I have...

Speech and Language Pathologist (Susan Berkowitz)
Sep 13, 2012 Speech Pathologist

Single practitioner private practice, providing speech and language and augmentative...

Patricia E. Kefalas Dudek & Associates
Sep 13, 2012 Lawyers

Patricia E. Kefalas Dudek is the owner of Patricia E. Kefalas Dudek & Associates. Her practice...

Brain Potential Institute
May 18, 2013 Therapists

Brain Potential Institute offers one-on-one brain training therapy and tutoring services both...

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Hope, Inc. ABA, Non-Public School, IRC Vendor

Improving Relationships affected by : Anxiety, ADHD, Autism, OCD, PTSD, Bipolar, Migraines, Depressive Disorders, in both Children and Adults. Neuropsychological Assessments...
Oct 11, 2013 Private/Non Public Schools Clicks: 9

occupational therapy,special education, speech therapy

NEURO CARE @Express Clinics C-11, Basement, Lajpat Nagar-3, New Delhi-24 We are team of professional ensuring quality rehablitation care for persons with neurological conditions involving adults...
Sep 1, 2013 Therapists Clicks: 1

Road To Talk Therapy Center

Road To Talk Therapy Center offers Speech-Language Therapy and Occupational Therapy for children, adolescents, and adults with special needs. We envision to promote quality of life and to advocate...
Aug 30, 2013 Speech Pathologist Clicks: 5

Brain Potential Institute

Brain Potential Institute offers one-on-one brain training therapy and tutoring services both online and in person. They specialize in treating children and adults who struggle with learning...
May 18, 2013 Therapists Clicks: 4

Online Speech Therapy

We provide online speech-language therapy to school aged children and adults. Our therapy is provided using our secure online site. The student and therapist interact in real time using a web-cam...
Dec 20, 2012 Speech Pathologist Clicks: 3

Nationwide Advocacy

Shelton Consulting is a multifaceted private educational consulting firm focusing on special education advocacy and individualized placement services for children, adolescents, and adults with...
Nov 10, 2012 Advocates Clicks: 7

Brain Training Associates

We are PhD neuroscientists offering effective cognitive and academic therapy programs for children and adults with sensory processing disorders, autism/Aspergers, developmental or cognitive delays,...
Nov 8, 2012 Therapists Clicks: 3

Katheleen Loyer (Special Education Attorney)

Mrs. Loyer is a solo practitioner with many years experience in advocating on behalf of children in the arena of public education. Ms. Loyer's practice focuses in the areas of Special Education,...
Sep 20, 2012 Lawyers Clicks: 9

California Advocates for Long-Term Care Medical Assistance (CALMA)

CALMA's goal is to bridge the gap between our elderly or disabled clients and the critical support services needed to live full and productive lives for as long as possible. By partnering with...
Sep 20, 2012 Organizations Clicks: 27

Organization of Special Needs Families

We are a non-profit organization founded in 2001 and focused on improving the lives of those with disabilities. Our Vision: Families and individuals with special needs will live life as full and...
Sep 19, 2012 Organizations Clicks: 5

Include Autism

Include Autism operates the successful Community Coaching Center (CCC) - a community-based, social behavior development program for children,adolescents, and young adults diagnosed with an Autism...
Sep 13, 2012 Organizations Clicks: 2

TACA - Talk About Curing Autism

Programs & Services Beginning in 2000, TACA began providing support services to Californians. In 2007, TACA expanded its services throughout the United States. 95% of what TACA offers to families...
Sep 13, 2012 Organizations Clicks: 2