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Jocelyn Francisco, Ph.D.
Sep 13, 2012 Psychologist

As a licensed clinical psychologist, I specialize in understanding the nature and impact of...

Bundiebaby ( medically fragile Clothing) Jody W.
Sep 13, 2012 Special Needs Products

I had been a foster parent for medically fragile infants for over nine years. In that time I have...

Speech and Language Pathologist (Susan Berkowitz)
Sep 13, 2012 Speech Pathologist

Single practitioner private practice, providing speech and language and augmentative...

Patricia E. Kefalas Dudek & Associates
Sep 13, 2012 Lawyers

Patricia E. Kefalas Dudek is the owner of Patricia E. Kefalas Dudek & Associates. Her practice...

Brain Potential Institute
May 18, 2013 Therapists

Brain Potential Institute offers one-on-one brain training therapy and tutoring services both...

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Tara Lindhardt, J.D.

Full Representation in Special Education Advocacy and Patient Advocacy, Care Coordination, Mentoring, Coaching, Consulting., Mediation and Negotiation Training, Public Benefits Assistance. Offering...
Nov 6, 2014 Top Clicks: 0

The Law Offices of D.R. Jones

With offices in Denver and Golden, Colorado, The Law Offices of D.R. Jones focuses on aggressive criminal defense and family law representation. Our criminal defense attorneys are among the most...
Jan 23, 2014 Advocates Clicks: 1

The Out of Step Tool

Out of Step is an online marketplace connecting people with disabilities to consumers. On Out of Step, people with disabilities can sell products and offer services. Anyone can use Out of Step's...
Oct 19, 2013 Misc Clicks: 4

The Sturges Law Firm

Obtaining services for your child - Identifying & Obtaining Appropriate Assessments​ - Support in IEP Meetings​ - Obtaining the Right Placement and Services - Outside placements​ - Due...
Sep 21, 2012 Lawyers Clicks: 7

The kids' advocate (Shari W.)

I provide a range of services designed to obtain appropriate education for the special needs child. I support parents in their journey along the special education path by helping them advocate for...
Sep 20, 2012 Advocates Clicks: 8

Tiffant Law Group, P.C.

Tiffany Law Group, P.C. specializes in representing students with special needs obtain appropriate services from school districts and regional centers. We offer high quality affordable...
Sep 14, 2012 Lawyers Clicks: 6

The Ledger Law firm (Attorney Jason Thompson)

About This Business: The Ledger Law Firm established in 1998, is one of California's. Founded by Nationally Recognized Attorney Emery… read more »
Sep 13, 2012 Lawyers Clicks: 5

TACA - Talk About Curing Autism

Programs & Services Beginning in 2000, TACA began providing support services to Californians. In 2007, TACA expanded its services throughout the United States. 95% of what TACA offers to families...
Sep 13, 2012 Organizations Clicks: 2