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Jocelyn Francisco, Ph.D.
Sep 13, 2012 Psychologist

As a licensed clinical psychologist, I specialize in understanding the nature and impact of...

Bundiebaby ( medically fragile Clothing) Jody W.
Sep 13, 2012 Special Needs Products

I had been a foster parent for medically fragile infants for over nine years. In that time I have...

Speech and Language Pathologist (Susan Berkowitz)
Sep 13, 2012 Speech Pathologist

Single practitioner private practice, providing speech and language and augmentative...

Patricia E. Kefalas Dudek & Associates
Sep 13, 2012 Lawyers

Patricia E. Kefalas Dudek is the owner of Patricia E. Kefalas Dudek & Associates. Her practice...

Brain Potential Institute
May 18, 2013 Therapists

Brain Potential Institute offers one-on-one brain training therapy and tutoring services both...

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Illinois special ed lawyer/advocate and mom of four offers assistance to families working to meet their special needs children's educational needs. Free phone consults.
Oct 12, 2013 Lawyers Clicks: 1

Autism World Magazine

Autism World Magazine: Essential reading for all across the Autism and Aspergers community. AWM is a monthly online magazine for iPad and iPhone via the Apple Newsstand and a Digital Download...
Sep 15, 2013 Special Needs Products Clicks: 1

Assistive Technology Specialist/Occupational Therapist

A licensed OT with over 22 years over experience and a specialty certification in assistive technology. Offers assessment of assistive technology needs, training on A.T. products, device set-up...
Aug 23, 2013 Therapists Clicks: 0

Autism Movement Therapy -AMT

Behavioral Services (BCBA Certified) Autism Movement Therapy ~AMT Insurance Companies we are proud to be providing Behavior Services for: Cigna, Anthem Blue Cross, Magellan, CompCare,...
Nov 8, 2012 Therapists Clicks: 5

ABA Services

We are committed to providing optimum services based on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) to children in San Diego and Orange Counties and the San Francisco Bay Area with...
Oct 25, 2012 Organizations Clicks: 3

Andrea D. Lorant (advocate) Sp ED Consultant

I am an Advocate/ Education Consultant in private practice in Los Angeles for the past 20 years. I am a former teacher with LAUSD and I have a Master's Degree in Educational Psychology. I help...
Sep 21, 2012 Advocates Clicks: 17

Advocacy for Children with dis-Abilities Michael K.

Master Advocate specializing in SLD/Dyslexia, ADD/ADHD and all related or co-morbid deficits We advocate countrywide and attend IEPs, ARDs, ARCs, MDRHs We do transition planning, write letters,...
Sep 20, 2012 Advocates Clicks: 37

Andrea Katz Plotkin, Ed.D.

I am an experienced special educational advocate offering services throughout San Diego County in California. My passion is to support families as they work effectively to improve their child's...
Sep 15, 2012 Advocates Clicks: 36

Advocating 4 kids (Cherryl Poe)

Sep 13, 2012 Organizations Clicks: 9 is a not-for-profit, online gallery devoted to featuring and promoting the artwork of an artist with autism. We offer support to the autistic community throughout the US by selling...
Sep 13, 2012 Organizations Clicks: 8